Complete Nylon Paracord set

This Complete Nylon Paracord System is also a way in falconry to fix birds of prey and owls on perch or block. The set is made of paracord 550 and is 4mm thick and is reinforced at each connection by interweaving the paracord so that even more strength and tensile force is created at the loops, the set consists of 1 pair of Yesses 16 cm long and 1 Extender 16 cm long and 1 long lace with a loop 85 cm long and available in various different colors. A swivel must be placed between the extender and leaches with a loop so that there is an extra turning point. These swivels can also be found in our webshop and then recommend you for the small birds of prey and owl swivel No. 2 and the somewhat larger birds of prey and owls swivel No. 3. The Complete Nylon Paracord tethering System for securing can be used for eg from barn owl to falcons, buzzard, etc.


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