Complete set of cow leather jessies

Jessies, belts and rings. This model is only available at Mac Falcon, in the quality leather that you are used to from us and in various colors. Always state which bird it is intended for! Suitable for falconry. Standard eyelets are supplied with the birds of prey and owls. Also available at Mac Falcon are grommets, grommets and grommets.

SizeGrommetsFoot ringSuitable for example
28 mm8,5 and 9 mmSparrowhawk, European kestrel and wood falcon
38 mm9 and 10 mmLong-eared Owl and White-faced Owl
48 mm10 and 11 mmBarn Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Raven and Harris Male
58 mm12 and 13 mmPeregrine Falcon, Gyrfalcon, Harris Female and Hawk Man
68 mm14 up to 16 mmAfrican Eagle Owl, Saker Falcon, Goshawk, Bengal Eagle Owl and Red-tailed
78 mm16 and 17 mmRed-tailed female, gyrfalcon female and black vulture
88 mm18 mmMalaysian Tawny Owl, Hawk Eagle and Black Vulture
1111 mm19 up to 22 mmEuropean Eagle Owl, Snowy Owl, Black Vulture and Turkey Vulture

The above sizes depend on the size of your bird. If you are not sure of the correct size, please contact us for advice.


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