Falconry 3 point swivel

This stainless steel MAC Falcon falconry swivels in 7 different sizes and made of very strong and high quality stainless steel. This extra strong MAC Falcon swivels is an article that is only available on Mac Falcon in the quality you expect from us.

SizeSuitable for example
1American Kestrel, Little Owl, and Rabbit Owl
2European kestrel and white-faced owl
3Peregrine falcon female, saker falcon tarcel, hawk tarsel and barn owl
4Hawks, harris, great falcons, barn owl and red-tailed tarcel
5Vultures, European eagle owl tarcel, snowy owl tarcel and red-tailed female
6Eagles, vultures, European eagle owl and Siberian eagle owl
7Condors, harpy eagle and vultures

The above sizes depend on the size of your bird. If you are not sure of the correct size, please contact us for advice.


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