Falconry stainless steel indoor perch Mini, is 26 cm wide, 15.5 cm high and 24 mm thick rubber

These fully stainless steel indoor perches are 26 cm wide, 15.5 cm high and a 24 mm thick weather-resistant rubber with a large ring for tying the long-leg. The indoor perche is made of solid high-quality stainless steel. and also with high quality stainless steel hole cross members of 16 cm long with a diameter of 40 mm these stainless steel tubes can be filled (with for example sand, concrete, wire steel etc) to weight the perch to the desired weight and can be closed by weatherproof plastic caps this indoor arch can be used both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for various smaller species of birds of prey and owls eg kestrel, little owls. etc.

Width: 26 cm
Seat height: 15.5 cm
Rubber diameter: 24 mm

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Productnumber: P00146

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