M-Line - Leather falconry glove 3 layers and 38 cm long

This falconer glove is made of exclusive tanned supple and strong leather with a detail with brown leather hood with logo and beige strip. Both the color and thickness and finish feels luxurious and is very smooth. The falconry glove is also soft on the inside and can be combined well with the topline vests and bags.

GlovesSuitable for
1 layer and 25 cm longSmall falcons and owls
1 layer and 30 cm longSmall falcons and owls
2 layers and 30 cm longFalcons, buzzards, hawks and owls
2 layers and 35 cm longHawks, falcons, buzzards and owls
3 layers and 38 cm longEuropean eagle owl, eagles and vultures
4 layers and 40 cm longEuropean eagle owl, eagles, vultures and condors


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