Mac Falcon, very strong Cordura falconry hunting / dummy vest

These cordura falconers hunting / Dummy vests are made of a very strong and higher quality cordura. And much more resistant to obstacles such as spines and stinging branches and brambles bushes encountered on the field and in forests. these hunting / dummy vests are now also fitted between the pockets with extra cordura and is a very comfortable strong and supple MAC Falcon cordura vest with sliding shoulder pads and are adjustable in many sizes and has many storage possibilities for example, lurking, prey, dummy `s, swivels and various other falconry supplies very convenient to use a falconer, hunters, trainers during the hunt, demonstrations, and the training of your birds of prey and owls, and dogs. This cordura falconers hunt / dummy vests can be washed out and are available in the color: Green, Brown


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