"Model Goshawk" MAC Falcon digital scale with aluminium frame and rubber perch 4,7 cm thick

Digital scale with display "Model Goshawk" with aluminium frame and rubber perche these are used for birds in , zoos , falconry , demo teams, etc. The exterior of the scale is entirely made of plastic and the display is splash water tight and the size is total wide 22 cm x deep 24 cm and 8 cm high. the weighing platform of the scale is wide 22 cm x deep 18 cm on which a aluminium frame of 20 cm high with a rubber perch of 4,7 cm diameter can be placed and glued through double sided tape on the underside of the aluminium frame and has a total height of 28 cm from the bottom of the scale to the top of the rubber. the scale is supplied including batteries and a connection for a power adapter (adapter is not supplied) and the digital scale weighs up to 30 kilograms and with an accuracy of 1 gram. This "Model Hawk" is suitable for all birds including: smaller birds of prey and owls and specifically kestrels, larger falcons, goshawks, smaller vultures and eagles.

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